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Welcome to H&R Proenterducment, LLC

Home of Entertainment and Artist Development

Huslas Repazent is a production and entertainment company based in three major cities, Atlanta, GA, Birmingham, AL, and Chattanooga, TN. Our goal is to provide a wide range of services to help entertainers and artists develop and sustain their careers, with a focus on cohesive, effective, and inexpensive production, promotion and marketing.

We specialize in artist development in all genres of talent, assuring artist a great learning opportunity to support their acts creative side. We are artist-oriented and artist-directed and dedicated to ensuring that great bands and artists get the exposure and opportunities that they deserve - as well as providing a dedicated all around entertainment company they can rely on throughout their career.

Huslas Repazent is working to build a reputation for finding great entertainers, and creating nuance music productions for (i.e., bands, artists, composers, song writers, comedians). It is important that people be able to trust that any artist working with H&R has all of the elements necessary for success within their careers.



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